Emergency Treatment

Are you visiting Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco and experiencing a dental emergency?

Not able to get into your regular dentist, just moved to the area or in between dentists?

Dental emergencies seem to happen at the most inconvienent time. In fact, pressure from high-altitude airplane flights can even make underlying dental problems worse.

Whether it is a toothache, gum infection, broken filling, chipped tooth, or some other issue, don’t just suffer through it.

Call our office to schedule an emergency dental appointment in Berkeley – 510.841.0108

Our Berkeley dental office is located at 2915 Telegraph Ave #303, and is easily accessible from BART, whether you are traveling to Berkeley from San Francisco or other parts of the East Bay.

Catering to locals and temporary visitors alike, our modern Berkeley dental office would love the opportunity to serve your regular or emergency dental needs.

Reach out today to schedule your emergency dental appointment at 510.841.0108 or request an appointment online