Karen Meryash Avatar
Karen Meryash
- Google
Dr Cho is an excellent , thorough , personable dentist . She and her staff provide high quality preventive and cosmetic dental care.
aloe lai Avatar
aloe lai
- Google
dr. cho and her staff are truly wonderful humans. i've hated going to the dentist my entire life, but now i actually enjoy going because dr. cho makes you feel cared for and her staff makes the whole experience FUN!... read more
C Land Avatar
C Land
- Google
I had an urgent need for an appointment and received a same day appointment. Time and care were taken to explain in detail what was causing the pain and the various ways to remedy. I received prompt service, excellent care... read more
Daniel C. Avatar
Daniel C.
5 star rating
- Yelp
I've been seeing Dr. Cho for a few years now since she took over Dr. Nakamoto's (who was also amazing) practice. She's been able to continue to take excellent care of my teeth and the fact that I don't mind... read more
Jack Avatar
- Google
This is truly Family Dentistry. Thank you.
Kuniko Weltin-Wu Avatar
Kuniko Weltin-Wu
- Google
I'm extremely pleased with the care that I receive at Dr. Cho's office, from fillings and re-fillings to other more extensive procedures. She's very conscientious and thorough, as are her assistants, hygienists and office staff; and they're all very... read more
Doug Spindler Avatar
Doug Spindler
- Google
Excellent - Dr. Cho has been my dentist for many, many years and has taken very good care of me and my teeth. (I still have all of them.) Staff is very nice and friendly.
Linda Foust Avatar
Linda Foust
- Google
She is both extremely competent and wonderfully personable. I wouldn’t go elsewhere. Best dentist I’ve ever had.
Anthony Brown Avatar
Anthony Brown
- Google
Dr. Cho and her staff provide exemplary professional and compassionate dental care. I feel I am in the best of hands and will receive the best dental care available whenever I visit Dr. Cho's office. Highly recommended!
william webb Avatar
william webb
- Google
Jennifer Cho was compassionate, kind, thorough and professional. A friend recommended her and I am so glad she did. Her staff was friendly and careful. I felt at ease. Exactly what I needed.
ISDesigns Studio Avatar
ISDesigns Studio
- Google
Dr. Cho is caring and empathetic. She has a really fun team supporting her, making you feel very comfortable and cared for.
Mounir Botros Avatar
Mounir Botros
- Google
Welcome back Dr. Cho, you were missed.
Mari Litsky Avatar
Mari Litsky
- Google
I have my teeth cleaned twice a year at Dr Cho's, and love the care I get there.
Urszula F Avatar
Urszula F
- Google
Despite being short staffed (as many places are right now), Dr. Cho and all her staff were very professional, curteous and thorough in my cleaning, check-up and scheduling future appointments.
Anica Falcone-Juengert Avatar
Anica Falcone-Juengert
- Google
COVID cautious and clear communication (great reminders via email and phone).
Don Brattesani Avatar
Don Brattesani
- Google
Very friendly and comfortable environment. COVID safe completely. Great dentist!
Nenita Padojino-Joco Avatar
Nenita Padojino-Joco
- Google
First of all she knows what’s she’s doing and she listens to your needs .She’s very pleasant and really a nice Dentist that I ever had! Also love Anita -her Dental assistant!
Robert Russ Avatar
Robert Russ
- Google
I’ve seen Dr Cho for a long time and have always felt very well cared for. I feel that my dental health has improved since seeing her. Her team is fantastic as well.
Jan Elise Sells Avatar
Jan Elise Sells
- Google
"Oh, no! I have to go to the dentist today!!" That's not me, talking; I love my dentist and the beautiful work she does on my teeth! The nicest teeth in my mouth are beautiful white crowns made by Dr.... read more
Hung H Wu Avatar
Hung H Wu
- Google
I had the surreal experience of being able to make all my appointments with Dr. Cho all through the pandemic, including a few non-routine ones. Above and beyond the medical competence, my visits were always pleasant and I never detected... read more
David D. Avatar
David D.
5 star rating
- Yelp
Over two years, I had Invisalign done with Dr Cho along with regular cleanings and a crown. I'm happy with my Invisalign results as my teeth are now straight after being crooked. I'm a satisfied customer from the... read more