Laser Dentistry

Lasers are commonly used to kill bacteria hiding under the gums.

They are also used to treat a variety of dental issues including gum infection, sensitive teeth and cold sores.

Diode lasers can be used after a healthy dental cleaning or deep cleaning to kill any residual bacteria, reduce inflammation, comfortably clean away diseased tissue, increase circulation, and shorten overall healing time.

If your teeth have sensitivity to cold or sweets, diode lasers can desensitize them. The laser light is shone on the surfaces of exposed roots, painlessly desensitizing the area without damaging the tooth.

Laser desensitization is an easy way to get you back to enjoying the foods and drinks you love without the pain. An unsightly cold sore can form at any time. Treating it with a laser immediately at the beginning of an outbreak can significantly shorten the duration of your cold sore.

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